Monday, June 20, 2011

Cotton Ball Disease

What is Cotton Ball Disease?
Cotton Ball Disease is a fungal disease that grows when poor water quality causes fish to stress. It is most prevelant when there is a great amount of uneaten food in your pond or there are too many koi in the pond for its size. The fungus can apear on any part of the koi, especially when they are stressed.

Identifying Cotton Ball Disease:
When a fish has this disease it developes what looks like a fur coat developing on its body. The “fur” is actually mold on the skin. As the disease progresses, the “fur” gets longer and developes cotton-like tuffs.

The best way to treat this fungus is to manage the conditions that first brought on the stress. First, you can decrease the number of koi in your pond. Then, you can improve the water quality through partial water changes, upgrading your filter system, increasing aeration, and bringing in an ammovia remover like AmQuel Plus.


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