Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fin Rot

What is Fin Rot?
Fin Rot is a term used for loss of fin tissue, resulting in split or ragged fins. It is usually the edge of the fin that is attacked, although sometimes a hole in the middle of the fin may occur. The edge of the lesion is usually opaque or whitish. In advanced stages, the fin may experience some reddening or inflammation. If left untreated, fin rot can slowly eat away at the entire fin and make its way up to the fish's body.

Fin rot is most frequently caused by stress, fear, or poor environmental conditions. It is usually self-resolving, but it does show how sensitive fish can be to stress.

The stress fish experience can be due to parasites, overcrowding, low oxygen, bullying, poor water quality, and other aspects of your pond that can effect your fish. If the stressor is caught, it might be sufficient enough to stop fin rot. In more advanced stages, it may be necessary to trim and remove the affected tissue. This will need to be done when the fish is sedated. In minor cases, the fin will most likely grow back.


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