Friday, June 17, 2011


Ichthyophthirius AKA ICH
"Ich is a very deadly parasite that can produce thousands of offspring in a very short period. Adults burrow into the skin, feeding on dead cells and blood. This causes an irritation of the skin that looks like small white spots (white spot disease). Just because you don’t see the “white spots” doesn’t mean your fish don’t have ich. A microscope will tell you for sure if ich is present.

When the adults have their bellies full of dead cells and body fluids they punch their way out of the fish’s body and drop to the bottom attaching themselves to plants or other objects in your pond. Forming a “capsule” around itself they can produce up to a thousand tiny capsules called (tomites). These tomites hatch producing very hungry baby ich looking for “dinner” and the cycle starts all over again. Ich can be deadly to tropical fish goldfish, koi and pond fish."


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