Friday, June 17, 2011


"Trichodina is a microscopic parasite that uses your koi and pond fish for a home and transportation. Unlike other parasites trichodina does not dine on your koi fish. Trichodina lives on the bacteria in the water. The only time trichodina can cause death in your koi and pond fish is when it is found in great numbers in the gills. However, the main cause of death in koi and pond fish by trichodina is, their extremely irritating denticles (attachments) which cause damage to the “slime coat” and skin of your koi fish, causing secondary bacterial infections at the site like deadly “ulcers”. Plus, this irritation also causes your koi and pond fish to “flash” (rubbing against objects in your fish pond) again causing more damage and more secondary infections.

When you have trichodina in your koi and fish pond it’s a good sign of poor pond water conditions and overcrowding. Trichodina can survive a long time living in the “sludge” on the bottom of your koi pond and pond filter caused by a build up of fish waste, bird droppings and other debris. Our Aqua Meds "Sludge Remover" will help remove the sludge from the bottom of your fish pond."


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